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Flying Beach Yoga is a yoga teaching service providing instruction in aerial, hatha, and vinyasa styles of yoga. With emphasis on aerial yoga and inversion therapy, Flying Beach Yoga practices thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being.


In order to develop a healthier you, a qualified instructor will lead you through a unique progression of poses using an aerial yoga hammock.  Using gravity to our advantage allows for much deeper stretches, full back extension and muscle strenghtening in a fun, secure environment . The program is structured in a progression format, making it appropriate for all levels. No need to feel intimidated, you are in a comfortable and caring environment with an instructor who wants nothing more than to help you succeed and reach your fitness goals. No prior yoga or aerial experience required.  We welcome every age, shape and size.


Michele Guess E-RYT, YACEP, PharmD

Founder & Instructor

E-RYT200 AboutMichele brings a unique perspective to the yoga community through her life experiences as a mother, yoga teacher,and many years in the healthcare industry as a pharmacist in a spinal cord rehab hospital. She is an E-RYT 200 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has also completed more than 100 hours and all 3 levels of Aerial Yoga training from Circusoul Flying Yoga with continued education in Aerial Vinyasa Flow. From there she started the company Flying Beach Yoga, so that aerial yoga would have a presence in the local community as well as different social media outlets like Flying Beach Yoga, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She has also completed 40 hours of In Depth Power Yoga Training Immersion with Bryan Kest of Santa Monica Power Yoga and Meditation.

Michele has also started the company to empower the youth of our community through yoga and mindfulness practices; giving them the tools they need to navigate through this ever changing, fast paced world.  She completed her Children’s’ Yoga Teacher Training with Jamie Amor, RYT of Cosmic Kids Yoga after seeing how her own son loved and benefited from the practice of yoga.  Kula Yoga Kids offers daily kids yoga classes along with an after school program teaching kids yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, music, art, and much more. Kula Yoga Kids is an approved vendor with Volusia County Schools and teaches kids yoga at multiple schools around the county.  The Kula Yoga Kids Facebook Page provides updates on all these services.

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This program is for everyone! We welcome all size and ages, to come get fit and improve their overall wellness. Itʼs never too late to start!

Physical contraindications: What are the conditions that make it NOT safe for me to try Aerial Yoga? Glaucoma, Heart Conditions, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Traumatic Brian Injury, High Blood Pressure, Vertigo, TIA,  Neck or Spinal Injury.  It is highly recommended that you consult with your Dr before starting any new exercise program to assess if it is safe for you, especially if you have any medical conditions.

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow range of movement, such as yoga pants and top. Try to avoid extremely loose clothing to prevent the extra fabric getting in the way of your practice. Footwear for the class should be barefoot.  Please remove all jewelry (necklace, bracelets, rings, and, earrings) before class as they can rip the fabric.

We accommodate all levels of difficulty in a progression format. The poses and movements start our fairly easy, and progress to more difficult movements. Your instructor will provide poses and movements appropriate for all levels.

Some prior training in yoga or aerial would be helpful, but it is not required. Your instructor will guide you through every step of the way, to help you get familiar with the class format, and equipment. Please arrive 10 minutes early so your instructor can give a break down on what will take place in your class. We want to be sure you are receiving the best experience possible.

Aerial Yoga is the practice of mostly traditional, but some untraditional yoga poses (asanas) incorporating a soft fabric hammock, supporting up to 2000 lbs, which is suspended anywhere from a couple of inches to few feet off the ground. The hammock is a prop just like a strap or block, intended to assist alignment, and provide the immediate benefit of spinal decompression. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported along with the help of gravity, we can explore and create space in our bodies as intended in traditional Yoga practice. Without the compression of the joints and spine we can achieve proper posture and alignment through relaxation rather than effort, therefore finding a more balanced and unencumbered expression of each pose.

Many Aerial Yoga postures are designed to help the student better understand the purpose of traditional Yoga postures and some are meant to help students achieve advanced Yoga postures which can take years to learn.

While practicing Aerial Yoga, students alternate between hammocks and mats to facilitate awareness of the body in all planes. Classes progress from using the hammocks to hold a little bit of body weight to using the hammocks to hold 100% of the bodyʼs weight. The slow progression  carefully introduces what can be very intense new sensations to the student.  Aerial Yoga is complimentary to your floor Yoga practice in many ways:  challenging Yoga postures such as backbends and inversions can be achieved with less effort and strain.  Common yoga-related injuries caused by overstretching and compressing the lower back are addressed through asanas that strengthen shoulders without compromising flexibility, and strengthen core abdominal muscles without compression of the spine.

Bring a yoga mat, a small towel, and bottle of water to class.  Do not use hand lotion before class, wear jewelry, belts, or clothing with grommets, gems, or anything that could potentially snag the fabric. Avoid very baggy clothing. Please trim your finger and toenails so there are no jagged edges.  Avoid eating or drinking acidic liquids an hour prior to class. Please observe good personal hygiene and wear deodorant in consideration for others in the class.  Also avoid any perfumes as it can be nauseating to other students.